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Vegas Baby

I've just got a few minutes to jump on one of the Rio's premium-priced (!) pcs to post a quick update:

Arrived 3 days ago and it's been a whirlwind. I've been at the Best Poker Stuff booth as my home base. I've met about 50 pros…many of whom appear in Life on Tilt. The reaction [...]

Gaming Life Expo Las Vegas, NV

Tour Tilt is going to Vegas! July 3-6 I will be at the Rio at the Gaming Life Expo, which attracted more than 50,000 visitors last year.Life on Tilt is being featured at the Best Poker Stuff booth and I'll be making appearances there, as well as Aussie Millions, Poker Pro Magazine, 916 Poker Depot [...]

Life on Tilt - The Audio Book

Several of you have asked if there will be an audio version of the book. I’m pleased to tell you there will be and we are fairly far along in the [...]

Life on Tilt's First Review!

The first published review of Life on Tilt hit the newstands today. It appeared in the June edition of Boom, a local publication aimed at those in the prime of life. Reviewer Madelyn Thorne seemed to really get the book, despite having limited familiarity with poker. I've posted the review in the forum section for [...]

Book Expo America in Los Angeles

I was invited out to Book Expo America last week by the publisher. [...]

Launching the Video

I’m thrilled to release the video/book trailer for Life on Tilt today. I’d like to thank Steve for turning me on to this idea (yes, Steve, I received my supply of books and one has your name on [...]

And We're Off

Hi there -

It's only been a few hours since the emails went out and I'm thrilled to hear from so many of you. I'm touched by your kind words and appreciate you sharing my excitement as we approach the launch of the book.

Some of you have asked about personal appearances and I will be adding [...]

On the eve of launching the website

Hi there – Welcome to Life on Tilt: the web site.

I hadn't really thought about having a web site when I was writing the book…not even as the publishing arrangements took shape. However, in this day and age, it just seems like this is more a necessity than a nice to have.

I hope you enjoy [...]

Big Week Ahead

Only a few days until the official release date. It’s sort of like Christmas in May…well, except I’m not getting any presents and there won’t be a candlelight vigil at my [...]