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New Poker Pro Article – Going Broke!

For the eighth installment of this series I focus on the importance of a bankroll – in filmmaking & poker! PkrPro0810pg074   PkrPro0810pg075

July Poker Pro Article Out – Film Financing Nightmares Revealed!

For the seventh installment in this series I focused on some various film financing schemes Team Tilt has been introduced to. You can read it here: PkrPro0710pg072  PkrPro0710pg073

June Poker Pro Article Now Available

The sixth installment on the film project is now available…you can read it here: PkrPro0610

New Poker Pro Article Just Out!

The latest installment in the Poker Pro series about the film adaptation of Life on Tilt is now available. You can check it out here: May Poker Pro I May Poker Pro II

Poker in Canada

I have just returned from a few days in Montreal to support the launch of Poker Pro Canada, the first poker publication to have a wide release in the northern neighbor to the US. The event was a great success and a real eye-opener regarding how vibrant poker is in this country. Launching a new [...]

The Smaller the Buy-in, the Bigger the Mouth

If you're like me, interacting with other players at the table is an important part of your game. I generally enjoy meeting other players and getting to know what makes them tick. Sometimes this information is valuable later in the tournament, but mostly I enjoy the various personalities drawn to the game. I live 90 [...]

Fourth in Poker Pro Series Available Today

The fourth in a year-long series in Poker Pro was published today. The layout Poker Pro provided is split into two files: PkrPro0410pg052 & PkrPro0410pg053.

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It's 3:33; Do You Know Where Your Chips Are?

I play in a home game on Wednesdays from time to time. It's a fun game with low stakes and a group of guys who play the game purely for the fun of it. I love to stop by this game and reconnect with what makes the game of poker [...]

Tincupping in LA

Back in LA…more meetings. Today was a big one. A couple of weeks ago we received a letter of intent from an investment team in the Dallas area for $20 million. For the past two weeks we've been undergoing due diligence as they pore over our business plan, pro forma [...]

Tilt Gets Flamed...and Seeks Redemption

It's been said that everyone's a critic. Well, let's hope so! A critic doesn't necessarily mean someone is critical. It just means they provide an informed – in some cases, an expert – opinion about something. I hope we are all capable of offering this sort of feedback. As an [...]