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Third in Poker Pro Series Available Today

The third installment in Poker Pro's year-long series on the film adaptation of Life on Tilt hit newsstands today.  The layout I received from Poker Pro is split into two files: PkrPro0310pg050 & PkrPro0310pg051.

Take time to Tilt,


Big Couple of Days

I've just returned to NY from an LA/LV/LA trip. I had to return to LA from Vegas to shoot the pilot episode for Call the Floorman. This is a new, poker-themed game show I learned about last February. I had a chance to meet the creator, Greg Nardo, at the World Series of Poker last [...]

Fmr Gov Blagojevich on Line One

I'm in Las Vegas taking care of a few things here. Unexpectedly, one of our potential investors is in town and wants to meet up. Next thing I know I'm cashing out from the Venetian's poker room and over at the Wynn having a chat when this guy pulls out [...]

Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

When I visit Los Angeles, I generally have a reason to stop in Las Vegas to reconnect with folks here who are supportive of the film project and visit a couple of poker rooms. I'm on one of these quick side trips and met up with a lady friend out here for dinner at a steakhouse on the [...]

Valentine’s Day in LA

I'm back in LA for more meetings. Thursday I spent several hours with the creative team focusing on the script with an emphasis on characters and story arc. We had great participation and a terrific session to compare notes we each had assembled about the current version. Shannon Elizabeth, an [...]

An Ode to My Lost Mail

I travel a lot these days. When I'm in my hometown, most of my time is consumed spending time with my kids and fulfilling my responsibilities on the local board of education and the board of Junior Achievement, the non-profit partner for Life on Tilt.

Because [...]

Second in Poker Pro Series Issued Today

The second in the year-long series in Poker Pro about the film project was issued today.  The layout I received from Poker Pro was in two files: PkrPro0210pg066 & PkrPro0210pg067.

Take time to Tilt,


…and We’re Back!

Apologies for that brief interruption. I'm glad to say we are online with a new web designer…who actually knows how to manage a site! Over the next couple of months, we're going to redesign the site and optimize it a bit.

If you need a web [...]

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Life on Tilt web site is closed for repairs. Come back soon.

Death of a Web Site

I've been going back and forth with the guy who built the Life on Tilt web site for about six weeks as the site continues to be unstable. Unfortunately, this guy doesn't seem to know how to fix the problem, but seems adept at billing me for hosting services that [...]