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An Ode to My Lost Mail

I travel a lot these days. When I'm in my hometown, most of my time is consumed spending time with my kids and fulfilling my responsibilities on the local board of education and the board of Junior Achievement, the non-profit partner for Life on Tilt.

Because of this travel, it's increasingly difficult for me to get to my post office box, because they are only open during normal business hours and it's 10 minutes from my place. However, I have a UPS store two minutes away which I can access 24 hours a day. So, in early December, I closed the PO box, filled out multiple change of address forms and opened a mailbox at the UPS store.

Then I waited for my mail to arrive at my new UPS box. And I waited. And I waited.

It's now six weeks later and I just received a call from someone that a check they sent me was returned. I contacted the post office and they said they lost my original forms…which is odd since the postmaster had called me to confirm she read my handwriting correctly. I was told I needed to show up at the post office and fill out the forms again. When I balked at this, they relented and said I could send them something in writing.

I thought you'd enjoy what I sent them: An Ode to My Lost Mail.

Take time to Tilt,


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