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Big Couple of Days

I've just returned to NY from an LA/LV/LA trip. I had to return to LA from Vegas to shoot the pilot episode for Call the Floorman. This is a new, poker-themed game show I learned about last February. I had a chance to meet the creator, Greg Nardo, at the World Series of Poker last year (see December post for link to Poker Pro article).

The taping was done at the Normandie Casino in Gardena, CA. This is a small casino with a beautiful show room. I was asked to be involved as an expert who provides answers the contestants must match to win prizes. I'm fortunate as the questions I am asked in one of the pre-recorded sessions revolve around poker in cinema. I field questions such as "Who played Teddy KGB in Rounders" with ease.

Life on Tilt is one of the presenting sponsors, along with Poker Pro, for one of the bigger prize packages. During the filming the announcer describes the two-week cruise of the Mexican Riviera with a value of ~$6,000. It's a cool moment, although I was a bit curious when the announcer mentioned something about playing poker with author John Blowers on the cruise. Perhaps I'll be spending some time on a big boat soon!

The rest of the show seems to go well. The co-hosts Rob Locke and Tracy Kingi (the latter I also met at WSOP last year) have good chemistry. The five models are gorgeous and the contestants are having a good time competing for prizes including a ticket to the Main Event at the World Series of Poker.

The show is scheduled to air in the LA area during the second quarter and is looking for syndication either this fall or spring.

The day after the shoot, I was waiting in the lobby of my hotel for a taxi when my phone rang. "Are you on your email?" a colleague asks. When I reply no, he urges me to do so. I pop into the business center and discover a letter of intent from an investment company in the Dallas area for $20 million! It's time to get back to NY and start the due diligence process…we've got a movie to make!

Take time to Tilt,


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