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Bonus Screening of Tilt Test Footage

Bonus screening! Today we were invited to visit SUNY Albany's marketing lecture hall to visit with two groups of students…each about 200 in attendance. We hit a glitch because the director of the test footage was upset about something and stiffed the producers and I, but fortunately we found a copy on his web site and we were able to show the test scenes and get a reaction from this group predominantly comprised of 18-25 year-olds, which also happens to be the monster demographic at the box office.


This additional perspective was a real eye-opener and meeting this group of energetic and outspoken individuals was incredibly beneficial to me. I had a great time sharing with the group and answering their questions. One of my favorite questions came from a young female audience member who asked if I was making more money now than before. When I tell her I haven't made a dime yet, she rolls her eyes, snaps her gums and resumes doodling in her notebook.


I have an idea I'll be saving that image and using it for motivation as this film project develops.


Take time to Tilt,



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