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First Read Through of the Tilt Script

I'm back in NY and just witnessed my first read through. This involves hiring a group of actors to read through a script. It helps the creative team to get a better sense of flow, character interaction and arc, as well as story line and duration. We have more than 50 speaking parts, but we prefer not to invest all our money in actors yet, so we divvy up the roles amongst six thespians and settle in to see how we're doing.

A few key discoveries make this exercise well worth it. First, the script is too long…clocking in at over three hours. We're not trying to make an epic here, merely a compelling piece of cinema while keeping to two hours max. We need to focus the story line more to accomplish this.

The second issue is the internal monologue. While this worked well in the literary work Life on Tilt, the voice over is bogging down the script. It's apparent we need to move VO and narration to other, more interesting methods of theatrical presentation.

A third issue is the amount of time characters spend speaking with each other on the phone. Collectively, it's in the neighborhood of 45 minutes. Unless the film is being financed by Spring, we'll need to make some drastic changes here.

Still a lot of work to do.

Take time to Tilt,


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