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Going Deep in the FTOPS Main Event

Played in the FullTilt Online Poker Series Main Event tonight. What a ride! This was a $535 buy-in, but I was fortunate enough to win a $24 double shootout, so I was in on the cheap. There were 5,225 of us at the beginning, including 63 pros…lots of big names: Phil Ivey, Phil Gordon, Huck Seed, Allen Cunningham, Josh Arieh, Eli Elezra, Scott Fischman, Erick Lindgren, Andy Bloch, Lee Watkinson and this year's WSOP final tablists Scott Montgomery and Kelly Kim.

I managed to play well and have my hands hold up. Went deep, then – with 117 players left – I was switched to a new table. At this point, there were only two identified pros left in the tournament…and they were the two players immediately to my left! I decided to visit the land of LDP – lock down poker. For those of you familiar with my style, this is foreign territory for me, but I thought riding out some time, waiting for premium hands and moving up a bit on the pay ladder made sense. I was already guaranteed more than $2,300 for my $24 investment and each level was worth several hundred.

Unfortunately, the rail birds are unrelenting at the pro tables and began chirping nonstop when they picked up on this tactic. I'm pretty unflappable and this didn't change here. I stuck to my game and finished in 78th place when my pocket 7s get picked off by Michael Craig's pocket 10s and my hand doesn't improve.  Michael Craig wrote The Professor, The Banker and The Suicide King about the "big game" in Vegas. I manage to take home about $3,700 for my troubles.

Take time to Tilt,


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