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Interview With House of Cards Radio

A man is playing in a poker tournament one night when the phone rings and someone asks if he is available for a live interview with a global listening audience…

No, this isn't the start to a joke. It's what happened to me tonight.

I had set up an interview with the people at House of Cards radio to do an interview with seven-card stud expert Ashley Adams and knew they would be calling. What I didn't realize was the interview was being conducted live, then rebroadcast. I ended up narrating the hand I was in for the listeners, which made it a bit difficult to bluff my way to the pot with my rags.

I found  Ashley to be a true gentleman and was impressed with his preparation. His questions were thought-provoking and made for a great exchange.

I'll post a copy of the interview once it becomes available.

Take time to Tilt,


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