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Leben auf Neigung (Life on Tilt in Germany)

I'm in Dresden, Germany as part of a corporate gig. This is now the home to the top semiconductor manufacturing facilities in this part of the world. The area was devastated in World War II and I'm having dinner literally a few dozen feet from where the allied forces bombed 65 years ago. It's fascinating speaking with several of the lifelong residents to hear their appreciation for the history of the area, the impact the war had across the generations in their families and the longing memories many have of the demolished works of architectural marvels. Although the unification of Germany has eased some of this pain, it is still palpable.

I'm here as part of my role at a startup company in the nanotech industry. They are building a $4.2B chip plant in upstate NY and I was the first hire for this new operation. Currently, more than 90% of their workforce is located in Germany and I am in Dresden to help the team define 300+ work streams and design a new HR system. The team here is incredibly professional and it's a privilege to work with them.

I was hoping for some great European pot-limit Omaha while here, but – alas – no poker rooms in range. It's sort of like the prohibition…except I'll be back stateside next week, so my withdrawal is nowhere near as acute.

Take time to Tilt,


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