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Life on Tilt - The Audio Book

Hi there – Several of you have asked if there will be an audio version of the book. I'm pleased to tell you there will be and we are fairly far along in the process. I just completed work in the studio on the initial recording and mixing sessions. Thanks to Josh for surviving nearly 1,200 takes! The numerous characters with a myriad of accents was particularly challenging. I have a new found appreciation for Hank Azaria, who does so many voices for the Simpsons. Switching between voices and keeping the dialog fluid is not as easy as it may seem. I'm excited about combining the audio book with the country music song written for Tilt. Kenna sent me an early version of the song a few days ago and it fits the book beautifully. The finished product should be available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Music and other digital distribution outlets by June 15. The complete set will run approximately 8 hours and I'm told will take under 20 minutes to download.

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