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Life on Tilt Tournaments Start Today!

Join me on the felt! No, this is not the start of a sexual harassment suit…I'm inviting you to come experience Life on Tilt tournaments during the next six weeks at This site has about 400,000 members and will be featuring nightly tournaments @ 7 PM ET. There is no entry fee and the site will be giving away autographed copies of my book to the winners.

I'm excited about this not only because it's great exposure to another poker community, but they also are customizing the skin at the site. This means that, while players are in the tournament, they will see bits about Life on Tilt…such as character profiles, quotes, the book trailer and a bit from the movie test scenes. When you think about it, 80% of the time we're playing poker we're out of a hand (particularly in no-limit), therefore opportunities exist to take in other information. Most of us multi-task during this downtime, but others either zone out at the screen or chat with other players. The latter is particularly true on this site, as it's more of a friendly site for folks to play socially.

I hope to see you at the tables during these tournaments.

Take time to Tilt,


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