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Moments that Matter

All of us experience doubt regarding whether we are on the right path. These moments of uncertainty may be fleeting or haunt us on a more routine basis. When faced with this doubt, often something will happen which will remind us of our purpose. Today was one of those days.

A while back the online poker site, NLOP, hosted several weeks of Life on Tilt tournaments. One of the participants had shared in their forums how hard she had tried to win, but wasn't successful. She also shared undergoing some fairly significant health issues. I had a signed copy of Life on Tilt sent to her and was made aware of the following post today:


Recently I received a very nice gift in the mail from John Blowers, NLOP player and Author of Life On Tilt.  First of all, not only was this a very nice gesture from John, but quite unexpected. Some of you players might remember last fall when NLOP had the Life On Tilt book tournaments. I tried so hard to win one. LOL My friends know. Second is that I never did win one much to my disappointment. I just want to pass the word that YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS BOOK. The reading is interesting, an intriguing story mixed in with play by play poker action and a touch of good advise that I know I can use in my life. I am already finding things that will help me in my game, help me in my life and help me stay off TILT. GOTTA READ IT !!!!!!!  John included a nice note wishing me well in my health and recovery and luck at the tables. Very impressive John. I am enjoying this book so very much. More than I even expected. Thank you for the inside peek and for the help in our poker journey. God Bless. Lisa (Mack Girl)

For ordering use this link and enjoy.


Thank you, Lisa.


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