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On the set of Best Damn Poker Show

I'm on the set of the Best Damn Poker Show. It's been a hoot so far. Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke are the show's hosts. They are each joined by a coach and "Hollywood" Dave Stann rounds out the team. Twenty-four contestants plus and alternate have been selected as the "next poker star". It's an eclectic group, mostly consisting of regular UltimateBet players (since they sponsor the show). Having never played on the site, I'm at a disadvantage as the other players are having a bit of a reunion…in many cases meeting each other in person after playing online poker for many hours against each other.

I'm not at liberty to share the outcome of the show, other than to say it's worth tuning in to FoxSports when it airs. There are some great poker showdowns, the usual bickering between Phil & Annie and a final table meltdown for the ages. I'll also be sharing my observations of the filming in a three-part series in Poker Pro this fall.

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