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Shuffle Up and Wheel & Deal

Last night we had our second investor presentation. This was held at the house of one of our prospective investors and featured several published authors. Jay Rifenbary is the author of No Excuse!, which is an internationally acclaimed book focusing on a philosophy of accountability and integrity…attributes missing in far too many facets of life today. Also in attendance was Dave Apostolico, who is the general counsel for QVC and author of several poker books including Lessons from the Felt, Lessons from the Professional Poker Tour and Machiavellian Poker Strategy. We were also joined via Skype by our producer from New Orleans and Shannon Elizabeth from Los Angeles.

The event went well and (surprise!) a poker game broke out. I busted early in the tournament when I couldn't push Dave off his hand and had to shove short-stacked prematurely. I fared better in the cash game that started later in the evening. Poker, movies and Tilt…all in all a good night.

Take time to Tilt,


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