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Tilt on Inside Addiction

I just filmed an episode of Inside Addiction. According to their website, their mission is to "raise awareness about addiction and recovery, to educate people about treatment options, and to help and treat everyone affected by addiction. Inside Addiction will address the sensitive issues surrounding the current epidemic of alcohol and drug addiction with the help of locally and nationally sought after and recognized experts in the field of health care and addiction."

I was invited as an expert on gambling. At first, I bristled at the notion of equating poker with true gambling (such as lottery tickets or race tracks), but I felt it would provide a good forum to help distinguish, so I dutifully researched the topic and paid a visit to the set and was interviewed by Dean Hale, the show's host. I learned last week's guest was Ken Seeley, from A&E's show Intervention. I also discovered I was not just a guest on this hour long show…I am THE guest.

You can see a blurb about my visit here:

You can also check out the first part of the show here:

Happy viewing!


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