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Tilt Takes on the Big Easy

I've been in New Orleans for the past week. We took some of the initial investment money and put it into a film project in this area. I'm here to spend some time on the movie set to check out our investment and immerse myself in what happens on location. There's an amazing amount of time spent standing around and waiting. And I'm surprised by the number of people involved in a production. I'm continually asking one of our producers who each person is, what they do and whether we need this role on the Tilt production.

Another reason I'm in town is to work with the writer who is producing the first series of drafts on the script for Life on Tilt. We spend some time together so the writer can learn about the "Tilt beyond the Tilt". After this, we settle into a good rhythm of him writing during the day while I explore the city and visit the set. Then I return late in the day to pick up the latest pages from the hotel. Then I'm off to the poker room at Harrah's to play some cards and review/make notes on the latest material. Around 10 PM, the writer joins me to review the notes and discuss the next set of creative ideas to include in the draft.

We've been making good progress thus far. Still a long way to go, but a solid start.

Take time to Tilt,


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