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Tilt Takes on Tinseltown

I'm in LA for some meetings. I thought I'd share a bit about one of these meetings. It started back in New Orleans last month when I met a guy who took an interest in the Life on Tilt film project. It turns out he is a WGA (Writers Guild Association) screenwriter and the writing partner for an established director in Hollywood. The night we met he called the director up while I was standing next to him and the conversation went like this:

Does your film have casinos in it? (of course it does)

Does your film have hookers in it? (well, yes, it does)

Does your film have a golf course in it? (as a matter of fact, yes)

Good, let's take a meeting.

So here we are, driving up Mulholland drive after dining at the Sushi Nazi's place (a whole 'nother story). Eddie Murphy's house is a few doors down the street and we're pulling up to the gated residence. After we gain entry, we are greeted by this accomplished, yet humble, man who is absolutely giddy as he asks if we'd be interested in screening his latest film…a $20M project scheduled to be released in six months. "Of course!" we reply and spend the next two hours mesmerized as we watch his latest creation in his private screening room. I can't share much about the project other than to say it's based on a true story and you will be amazed at this movie.

I was impressed with the music in the movie and inquired about the cost. "$3 million" was the response.

After screening the movie, we talked about Tilt. The parallels between the film we just saw and the one we were discussing were lost on no one in the room that night. After we finished chatting, a jam session broke out as guitars, saxophones and other instruments fuel our impromptu band. Before long, it's getting late and I need to catch an early flight so we travel back down Mulholland ready for the next stage of the adventure.

Take time to Tilt,


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