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Tincupping in LA

Back in LA…more meetings. Today was a big one. A couple of weeks ago we received a letter of intent from an investment team in the Dallas area for $20 million. For the past two weeks we've been undergoing due diligence as they pore over our business plan, pro forma documents, script, partnerships, etc. Today was the final step, where the principals meet face to face and review everything.

You know how you sometimes visualize someone before you meet them and expect them to look a certain way? I did this with the principal from this investment team. I assumed he was a big Texan who would be wearing jeans and Stetsons. Then one of my investors did some checking and thought they discovered this guy might be a former Microsoft executive, so I broadened my visuals to include a slightly geekier Texan. Imagine my surprise when an African American, former college football player walks in the room!

We hit it off and the meeting goes well. At the end he tells us to look for a commitment letter on Monday. Great news! Time to celebrate by heading to "The Bike" to play in the Winning o' the Green $200k guarantee event.

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