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Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

When I visit Los Angeles, I generally have a reason to stop in Las Vegas to reconnect with folks here who are supportive of the film project and visit a couple of poker rooms. I'm on one of these quick side trips and met up with a lady friend out here for dinner at a steakhouse on the strip. We're having a great time when the waiter suggests I try their wasabi mashed potatoes.

Hold up!

These are two of my favorite things…but together? Who'd of thunk it?!

Okay, I realize there are probably quite a few of you who have had this dish or at least were aware of its existence who are wondering why this is such a revelation to me. But somehow I existed on this planet all these years and never allowed my palatte the pleasure of this delicacy. This was probably what it was like at Reese's when they mixed peanut butter and chocolate.

Well, these new "two great tastes that taste great together" was a huge success. I asked for extra wasabi, but found the initial blend to be just right. My date declined to try my discovery, citing a fear of ultra-spicy. More for me!

Here's to culinary epiphanies!


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