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Busting Off Best Damn Poker Show

Tonight some of you may have had the opportunity to catch the first episode of FoxSports' Best Damn Poker Show. I have been documenting my experience as part of the cast in a series of Poker Pro articles, but I thought I'd share a bit about watching the edited version of the show.

So, in the [...]

On the set of Best Damn Poker Show

I'm on the set of the Best Damn Poker Show. It's been a hoot so far. Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke are the show's hosts. They are each joined by a coach and "Hollywood" Dave Stann rounds out the team. Twenty-four contestants plus and alternate have been selected as the [...]

I'm joining the cast of Best Damn Poker Show

Received an interesting call today from UltimateBet. Apparently, I've been cast on the second season of Best Damn Poker Show. I don't have a lot of details yet, but it looks like I'll be heading to the LA area next month to join a couple of dozen poker hopefuls for [...]