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Tincupping in LA

Back in LA…more meetings. Today was a big one. A couple of weeks ago we received a letter of intent from an investment team in the Dallas area for $20 million. For the past two weeks we've been undergoing due diligence as they pore over our business plan, pro forma [...]

Big Couple of Days

I've just returned to NY from an LA/LV/LA trip. I had to return to LA from Vegas to shoot the pilot episode for Call the Floorman. This is a new, poker-themed game show I learned about last February. I had a chance to meet the creator, Greg Nardo, at the World Series of Poker last [...]

Valentine’s Day in LA

I'm back in LA for more meetings. Thursday I spent several hours with the creative team focusing on the script with an emphasis on characters and story arc. We had great participation and a terrific session to compare notes we each had assembled about the current version. Shannon Elizabeth, an [...]

Tilt Takes on Tinseltown

I'm in LA for some meetings. I thought I'd share a bit about one of these meetings. It started back in New Orleans last month when I met a guy who took an interest in the Life on Tilt film project. It turns out he is a WGA (Writers Guild [...]

Surviving the Book Biz

The book business is fraught with failure. The creative process is draining. Conceiving of an idea, writing the material, having it edited, rewritten, re-engineered reworked can test anyone's confidence. Add in a huge dose of rejection by agents and publishers and the process and it's no wonder most manuscripts don't [...]