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New Poker Pro Article Just Out!

The latest installment in the Poker Pro series about the film adaptation of Life on Tilt is now available. You can check it out here: May Poker Pro I May Poker Pro II

Third in Poker Pro Series Available Today

The third installment in Poker Pro's year-long series on the film adaptation of Life on Tilt hit newsstands today.  The layout I received from Poker Pro is split into two files: PkrPro0310pg050 & PkrPro0310pg051.

Take time to Tilt,


NY Screening of Test Footage

We screened the test footage for a film adaptation of Life on Tilt this weekend.

These screenings were at the Madison Theater in Albany, NY. This is an independent theater which shows first-run movies and the owner, Jay, offered to let us show our brief [...]

Life on Tilt Test Shoot

I just returned from a three-day shoot of some test footage of a film adaptation for Life on Tilt. What a process! We had to find a funder, form a creative team (producer, director, writer), hold auditions, scout locations and all the associated pre-production work. It was a fascinating experience. [...]