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The Book

Life on Tilt 

Confessions of a Poker Dad

A Novel by  John Blowers

Life On Tilt Confessions of a Poker Dad


You don’t know me. You may think you know me. But you don’t. You’ve probably seen me. We may have spoken or shared a laugh. We might have been best friends or even married. But you don’t know me. You can’t know me. I’m a poker player. I play a game many consider honorable, but I don’t trust anyone who plays it. I have an uncanny talent for reading other players, but can’t manage a personal relationship to save my life. I play the game for profit, yet I have no respect for money or what it represents.

Maybe you know somebody like me. “Poker Dads,” we’re called. We speed-dial our children during breaks between hands to wish them goodnight. We make jokes at the table about ex-wives and ex-bank accounts. We cherish memorable poker hands more than we do life’s pivotal events.

I’ve played poker at every level, from nickel-and-dime neighborhood games to the richest poker tournament ever, matching wits with characters found nowhere else along the way. It’s been a pretty good life—or perhaps “interesting” is a better description of what I’ve been through. I invite you to decide for yourself. Just remember—don’t try to understand me. You’ll only end up frustrated and confused. Trust me on this one.

Intrigued?  Want to read more?  Download a PDF of the first chapter here!

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John Blowers is the creative force behind Life on Tilt. He is a semi-professional writer and poker player. Semi because he has a “real job” and professional because he’s made some money at both hobbies. Creating a fictional autobiography requires equal parts chutzpah and fantasy…something John never finds himself short of. He looks forward to documenting Johnnoe Zandoken’s further adventures in the sequel Life After Tilt.

John has written several short stories, some poetry, a murder-mystery game and a short play. This is his first full-length novel.


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