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Review – ' Life on Tilt: confessions of a poker dad ' – John Blowers – from written by Jeffrey Prest

John Blowers' novel gives us Johnnoe Zandoken, a man in conflict.

By day a businessman with a wife and family, Zandoken is by night a poker player and one whose prowess compels him to aim a little higher with his game than most of us 'hobbyists'.

Zandoken doesn't see the time-drain that bonus-chasing so often entails in online poker: he goes for it anyway and clocks up those hours. He doesn't just talk about the World Series of Poker, he sets out to get there with a vengeance.

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Review from Boom Magazine By Madelyn Thorn

There are a few reasons you should purchase a copy of “Life on Tilt, Confessions of a Poker Dad.”

  1. Poker is hot and it might be nice to find out what everyone is talking about.
  2. It could solve your Father’s Day gift dilemma.
  3. Ten percent of the proceeds will benefit Junior Achievement of Northeastern New York (
  4. It’s a really good book.
  5. John Blowers is a local, first time author who tells us a story that is clever, well written and takes us down some paths we might not otherwise travel.

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Great book for a poker lover, April 23, 2008 by G. Moran

"As a avid poker player, the story uncomfortably real at times. Blowers does a great job telling an engaging story while making the reader consider their own choices of family, passions, etc. Really great book. I enjoyed it. If you know a poker player, this is a great gift."


Poker or Life Lessons? Both!,  June 21, 2009 by Susan S. Bardack

"I absolutely loved this book. When a friend suggested I read it, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy it because I'm not a poker player, although I've been to poker parties since they are hip and happening these days. Well, I couldn't put this page turner down.

The novel is about poker and life. I'm sure each of us can see a little of ourselves in the main character. At times I just wanted to shake him and try to talk some sense into him. He has a magnificent personality that is revealed as the book progresses. The book moves along at a good pace and is full of surprises. It keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Love or knowledge of poker not required!,  May 2, 2008 by Ali Legg

"I don't play poker. I have never played a hand. Even my husband doesn't play poker, but that was not a prerequisite for thoroughly enjoying this book. This book was a page-turner for me because it spoke of the challenges and demons we face in any relationship. John Blowers paints a wonderful tapestry that directly speaks to the reader about the obligations of balancing a life, career, marriage and family with the temptations of an interest that could potentially jeopardize that idyllic American dream. If you aren't a poker player and have passed on this book, take a second look. Do not deprive yourself of this great read. It is the book you have been craving. It is the one where you regret to see the end of the book near because it means that the end is coming. One where you miss the characters as soon as it is over and keep thinking of the story long after it is finished. My advice is to read it with a friend so you can extend the experience by conversations afterward.

Warning — if you are not a poker player, you do come away wanting to experience the game."


Ever dream about being a great poker player?, May 26, 2008 by J. Seymour-Smith 

"Wow. For the average-Joe poker player (or below average, in my case) who has ever dreamed of the excitement and winnings possible in high stakes poker, this is a must read. Circle the drain without putting your own family life at risk, in a story that seems all too real. And learn a bit about the game in the process. This book might keep you from ditching your day job, or suggest a possible dark side if you pursue poker beyond recreation. Either way, it's wonderfully escapist."