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Kenna James was introduced to poker in 1996 while dealing at Hollywood Park Casino in Los Angeles. He began playing $1-2 limit Texas Hold ’Em and in six short months became a tournament director for the casino. As 1997 began, so did Kenna’s venture into tournament poker, playing in small buy-in tournaments around Southern California. In 1999, Kenna started directing tournaments internationally with his now wife, Marsha Waggoner. Together they organized and ran the first major tournament at the Cosmos Casino Hotel in Moscow, Russia.

A jack of many trades he decided to become a master of one: poker. With only a few years of experience playing in low limit games, he turned pro and took a job as a proposition player at Crystal Park Casino in L.A. in 1999. More than a few times Kenna went broke, but never one to give up, he persevered. “I surrounded myself with good people and developed good friendships, and that was the key for me in surviving some tough times.”

As a poker player and director Kenna has traveled the world many times over, including stops in Austria, Amsterdam, England, Russia, Spain, Australia and Germany.  Though he’s been on television countless times as a player and commentator, Kenna is perhaps most remembered for one particular moment during the 2003 World Series of Poker on ESPN. While facing the stare of seasoned pro Howard Lederer, Kenna buried his head in his jacket and zipped up until Lederer had no choice but to fold his hand.

Kenna has appeared on TV’s Bold and the Beautiful and Best Damn Sports Show, as well as movies Whiskey Riddles, Dandelion Wine and Deadly Diamonds.

Look for Kenna this fall in Down and Distance starring Gary Busey.

Kenna James


1. Whiskey Riddles
2. Dandelion Wine
3. Deadly Diamonds


TV: Acting:  

1. Bold and the Beautiful


TV: Poker Shows:  

1. ESPN – WSOP Main Event 2003, 05, 06
2. ESPN – SportsCenter
3. Ultimate Poker Challenge
4. World Poker Tour – Travel Channel
5. Caribbean Classic – Canada/Europe Distribution
6. Fox Sports – Monte Carlo Millions
7. Fox Sports – Best Damn Sports Show Period
8. Fox Sports – Aussie Millions
9. Lingo – GSN for charity with Chuck Wollery
10. Poker Royale – GSN Network



1. Ante Up! Pokercast
2. Bluff Radio
3. Card Player’s “The Circuit” 
4. Ante Up Radio
5. The Jim Fiest Show
6. My Sports
7. Larry Grossman’s You Can Bet On It
8. ESPN Radio


Poker Magazines:

1. Bluff
2. Poker Life
3. Poker News
4. Poker Lizar
5. All In
6. Poker Pro
7. Poker Player Newspaper
8. American Poker Player  



1. USA Today
2. Tampa Bay Times
3. LA Times
4. Las Vegas Sun